Fresh Easy to Cook Meal Kits by 1tsp

Why 1tsp?

High Quality Ingredients

All our meat is sourced from high quality facilities, without risk of any contamination. The vegetables are sourced directly from farmers' market

Freshly Prepared before delivery

We aim that you should receive ready to cook items in freshest possible condition. Hence we start preparing the marinations 2 hours before delivery

Easy to Cook - One pot Items

We have designed the ready to cook kits in a way that you get the best possible taste with least possible effort. 1 pot and 30 min is all you need in most cases

Budget Friendly

Our ready to cook kits are super economical. You can fix yourself a chicken meal for 2 within just 200 bucks.

Easy to Cook Meal Kits - simple 1 pot. Instructions provided along with order.

RTC Paratha

RTC Chicken Marinades

RTC Paneer and Vegetable Marinades

RTC Biryani and Pulao