Hot garlic chicken boneless

-Ready to Cook-

Hot Garlic Chicken Boneless

Serves 2
Delivered in (days): 1 Day. We have 3 delivery slots – morning, afternoon and evening

Spicy boneless chicken batter-coated and fried with Hot Garlic Flavoured Sauce

Kit Contains:
Marinated boneless Chicken
Tempura Flour
Hot garlic Sauce
Coriander leaves
White Till seeds
Shelf Life (days): 3 Days
Storage Instructions: Store in Refrigerator


What you need

Deep Frying Pan Sauce Pan Spatula , 1tsp Ready to Cook Kit


Step 1 – Heat the Oil for Deep Frying and let the oil reach 160 degrees. Step 2 – Make the Tempura batter by adding equal amount of water to the tempura flour. Step 3 – Dip the Marinated Chicken wings in Tempura batter and gently drop into the hot oil. Step 4 – “Fry the Chicken Wings for 6 Minutes untill the crispy golden brown layer forms And remove excess oil by placing on aTissue Paper” Step 5 – While the Wings are getting ready, Heat a sauce pan and cook the Sauce for a minute. Step 6 – “Add the fried Wings to the sauce toss it well. Garnish with Chopped Corinder and sesame seeds and serve it hot”


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