Cajun Country Chicken Pizza

-Ready to Cook-

Pepper Chicken Pizza

1 Pizza
Delivered in (days): 1 Day. We have 3 delivery slots – morning, afternoon and evening

It’s peppery chicken, hot and spicy, with home sauce and hand slapped crust.

Kit Contains:
Freshly pre-baked Pizza Base
Toppings 50g
Marinara Sauce 45g
Shredded Cheese 45 gm
Caramelized Onions 45gm
Shelf Life (days): 3 Days
Storage Instructions: Store in Refrigerator


What you need

Tawa/OTG Oven,Spoon,Spatula, 1tsp Ready to Cook Kit


For TAWA: Step1: Pre heat the tawa/non Stick and apply oil on it with the lid on. Step2: Apply Olive oil on the pizza base spread the pizza sauce on the base, add the Italian seasonings on top of sauce, add cheese, and place your choice of topping Step3: close the lid cook it for 4-5 min. For OTG: Step1: Pre heat the OTG at 180°for 10 min. Apply oil to the baking tray Step2: Take your pizza base, apply oil on top of the pizza. Spread the pizza sauce and sprinkel some Italian Seasoning. Spread evenly the cheese on top of the sauce. Step3: Add your choice of topping.And bake it till 2-3 min or till the cheese mealts. ”


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