Paneer Tikka biryani

-Ready to Cook-

Pot Paneer Tikka Biryani

2 people
Delivered in (days): 1 Day. We have 3 delivery slots – morning, afternoon and evening

Paneer marinated in Indian spices cooked in tandoor, added over tikka marination mixed along and added with a bed of rice on top in two layers garnished and cooked in dum in a clay pot

Kit Contains:
Medium Clay Pot With Lid
Pot Paneer Tikka Biryani Marination – 450g
Cooked Biryani Rice – 550g
Atta – 75g
Ghee – 10g
Onion – 10g
Chopped Coriander – 10g
Chopped Mint – 10g
Safforon Water – 5g
Shelf Life (days): 3 Days
Storage Instructions: Store in Refrigerator


What you need

Ladle, Brush, 1tsp Ready to Cook Kit


Step 1: To Reheat the rice, Put the rice in a bowl, sprinkle some water, and Microwave for 2 minutes OR Steam the rice on the stove till hot. Step 2: Take the Pot and brush it with some oil and put half the Paneer Tikka Dum Biryani Marination into it. Flatten the masala and layer with half the rice, then add the remaining masala, then the Rice, and flatten it. Top it with Ghee, brown Onion, Mint, Coriander, Saffron water. Step 4: Roll out the dough into a strip and line it on the edge of the pot. Close the lid firmly and ensure there are no gaps in the seal. Step 5: Place the Pot on the Stove on a medium-high flame for 1 minute, then reduce to low flame and cook further for 15 minutes. Switch off the flame and keep the pot aside and let it rest for a minimum of 10-15 minutes to complete the Dum process. “Use a knife or ladle to break the seal and serve it hot along with Raita”.


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