Paneer Popcorn Bao (1)

-Ready to Cook-

Teriyaki Paneer Popcorn Bao

2 pieces
Delivered in (days): 1 Day. We have 3 delivery slots – morning, afternoon and evening

2 Fluffy, Steamed Asian Bao Buns With Crumb Coated Paneer Popcorn And Japanese Style Teriyaki Sauce.

Kit Contains:
Steamed Bao Bun 2pc
Teriyaki Sauce
Paneer Pop Corn
White Till seeds
Coriander leaves
Shelf Life (days): 3 Days
Storage Instructions: Store in Refrigerator


What you need

Steamer, Deep Frying Pan, Sauce Pan and SPatula, 1tsp Ready to Cook Kit


Step 1 – In a Steamer, Heat the water for 10-12 mins until it starts to steam. Step 2 – Place the bao ‘s In Steamer and steam it for 9 Minutes. Step 3 – Fry The pop Corn in Oil at 160 degrees for 4-5 Minutes. Step 4 – Re heat the Sauce/ MicroWave for 30 Sec. Step 5 – Apply Mayonise to the bao, Place the Lettuce and add the filling. Step 6 – Pour the sauce on both the baos and Garnish with Sesame seeds. Step 7 – Add the extra seasoning Powder for Extra Punch.


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