5 places that serve terrific vegetarian Biryani!

“Veg Biryani is nothing but a Pulao” or “there is no such thing as a veg biryani” are common jibes thrown at vegetarians when they do muster the courage to order a biryani. Carnivores often proudly declare that biryani is made exclusively for them and that the royal dish isn’t complete without the meat.  However, […]

How does pressure help in cooking faster? Basic kitchen science# 101!

The cooker has been resting on a mild flame for a while and suddenly, like a person just about to sneeze, the pressure pushes the weight and the cooker whistles.  The Bat-Signal for cooked food! But how does this work? Why does pressure help? We all know that water boils at 100 degrees. In a […]

5 Best Places to Feast on a Thali in Bangalore

Thalis Of India: Flavorful dishes In One Platter    Indian thalis are a wonderful assortment of dishes and essentially a celebration of food and cooking style of the region in the country. With rice or roti in the forefront, a thali typically comprises of a few starters or crisps, vegetables, gravy, dal, curd and of […]