5 places to go to for Kebabs in Bangalore

Kebabs are a favourite among appetizers. It is hard to say no to some deliciously smoky meat flavoured with aromatic spices. While Kebabs are Persian or middle eastern in origin, almost every Indian state has a distinct take on this much-loved delicacy. Bangalore has some mouth-watering options when it comes to grilled grub. We give […]

The best places for Samosas in Bangalore

What is the ideal snack with a hot cup of tea as the rains pour outside? A plate of garma garam samosa with a cup of ginger tea is one of those simple joys of life. The crispy triangular pastry, generally filled with spicy potatoes and peas, or meat,  unites the country by being the […]

Simple microwave hacks for the home cooks!

No modern kitchen is complete without a microwave. From simple reheating leftovers to full-fledged baking, microwaves have revolutionized the way we cook.  It is quite possibly the only device where the design hasn’t changed much in the past couple of decades. How do these tiny boxes work? In a nutshell, microwaves heat objects by shaking […]

It is A Bao’ Time! Five Best Places for Baos in Bangalore

Baos refer to soft and steamed buns stuffed with meat or vegetables. The word ‘bao’ itself means something precious. When made right, the dish does live up to that meaning! The perfect bao should be round, smooth and fluffy. This simple stuffed bun is a much-loved street food in East Asia and in the past […]

The Best Places in Bangalore if You’re Craving Momos

Asian, affordable and absolutely delicious. Momos – soft tiny dumplings that explode with flavour on every bite is a much-loved snack all over India. Momo stalls abound in our city and the sheer variety of momos on offer boggles the mind. The different fillings along with the spicy chutneys provide each momo with a distinct […]